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Counter Job Offers? Don’t go there!


If ever you are offered a position, which you are inclined to accept, take a second to consider whether or not it will really be the answer to all your problems. Ask yourself if it offers the career opportunities you are searching for, before resigning from your current job.

Once you have taken into account all the pros and cons, chosen to accept the job offer and resign from your current position, you must also take the time to mentally prepare yourself. For what?

For counteroffers

You must resist the powerful and undoubtedly persuasive tactics that your employer may adopt, to change your mind.

Recruiting and training your replacement is invariably a costly and taxing process for your employers and therefore, they may stop at nothing to keep you, including offering wage or benefit increases, titles or promises for the future, should you stay. They may also apply emotional or psychological pressure, all of which may tempt you to accept their offers.

Regardless of their proposals, it should be noted that once your employers are made aware of your desire to leave, it is likely they will regard you as a ‘problem employee’.

We have found that often, those who have accepted counter offers tend to leave their place of work within six months. Why? Either because their initial reasons for leaving are still present or because their employers have arranged replacements themselves.

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Here are 12 reasons why accepting a counter job offer shouldn’t even be an option:

  1. Your employer is aware of your discontent. Your commitment to the company will always be in question.
  2. Your pride. Would it not bother you that you were ‘bought’ to stay?
  3. Your intelligence. Accepting a counteroffer insults it; as though you couldn’t work out for yourself what’s best.
  4. Ask yourself where the money for the counteroffer is coming from.
  5. Why didn’t they offer the raise to you before? The truth is, they didn’t think you were worth it.
  6. Why are they offering it to you now? It’s more cost and time-efficient to keep you. Why would your employee waste time and money on recruitment fees and training someone new?
  7. Very rarely does accepting a counteroffer change the factors that drove you to look for alternative employment in the first place.
  8. Another six months have gone by and it’s promotion season. Be sure that your employer will, at this point, remember who is loyal and who is not.
  9. If your employer opts to replace you after a few months, it will be much more of a challenge to convince them otherwise than the other way around.
  10. If times are tough, your employer will start the cutbacks with you.
  11. Are you really content knowing that in order for you to be given what you are worth, you had to threaten to resign?
  12. Statistics have shown that those who accept counteroffers are 90% likely to be out of a job within the next six months.

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