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The Most Efficient Work Style in 2020

The Most Efficient Work Style in 2020

 The Most Efficient Work Style in 2020

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We’re taking a look at the most efficient work style in 2020, encouraging people to adapt to this approach and in doing so take a step in the right direction. Leaving the old behind might not seem like an easy task to implement, but we’ve put together a few points outlining measures that can be taken to ensure a smooth transition to the new work style.

Leaving the Old Behind

What exactly do we mean by old and new work styles? Characteristics such as fear of employees, fixed work hours on weekdays, the ‘not my job’ attitude, and others like these are considered old-fashioned and do not form a part of the new work style. In 2020, we encourage employers to trust in the workforce, focus on efficiency, have flexible hours for varied work habits, and focus on really implementing the ‘get it done’ attitude. Innovation and efficiency are a priority when replacing the old with the new.

What is the New Work Style?

When talking about the new work style we are also referring to customized and self-sufficient employees having their own resources and equipment; be trusting and helpful, as the new work style relies on people forming trust between one another; focusing on mobile and virtual accessibility being available always and everywhere; co-working on better processes and sharing ideas working toward a more productive and generous approach; focusing on the solutions and finding inspiration from your environment.

7 Keys for Reinforcing the Efficient Work Style

  • If you are looking to reinforce the efficient work style, there are some key points that come in handy in guiding this process.
  • Keeping engagement at your company high is of utmost importance, and can be achieved by focusing on meaning, purpose, and passion.
  • Be true to your employees, implement fair, transparent, and flexible policies to maintain and reinforce loyalty internally.
  • Make good use of networks of teams, as opposed to the traditional office hierarchies which can help in the long run to solve problems and tackle projects collaboratively.
  • Leverage people analytics to gain a deeper insight into your employees.
  • Communicate a solid social media policy to enable employees to be brand ambassadors.
  • It is a very good idea to determine the types of flexibility that matter most to your employees.
  • Be sure to use design thinking to create an employee-centric work environment.

Implement the Latest Technology to Aid the New Work Style

One major factor that is aiding the movement over to the new work style is technology. Implementing the latest technology to aid the new work style has never been easier. You can also implement this technology while keeping the environment in mind and setting up an eco-friendly workspace. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This can be achieved by means of 3D printing, having your product be locally produced with infinite possibilities. Make use of virtual spaces for communication and online collaboration with high interaction and activity for those who feel creativity may be lacking. Encourage your employees to broaden their knowledge and make use of e-learning programs. Take it to the cloud and use secure remote working cloud solutions with data management, online storage and backups.

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