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How to hack staying healthy at work


We spend around 40 hours per week, sitting down at work. Most don’t manage to fit in gym or other workout activities after work and if they do, it isn’t regular. Spending so much time at work, not moving much can lead to extra stress on our body and minds.

Many even use ‘’working too much’’ and not having time or energy to exercise as an excuse, to being out of shape. While this is particularly true amongst office working professionals, there are many things which one can do to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Staying Healthy at Work

Keeping Clean

Although many move around the office frequently, most of your time spent at work is spent at your workstation. Having a disorganised and messy can lead not only to distractions but is also unhealthy. Keep sanitisation wipes on your station and clean surfaces often. Before leaving for the day, tidy up your desk so that you will find a neat surface the next morning and you can start afresh.


As adults, it is recommended to drink between 1.5l and 2l (6 to 8 glasses) of water per day, although depending on climate and level of exercise you might need to drink more. It is crucial to monitor your water intake even if you are immersed into your work, as if not monitored and intake in low, this can lead to drowsiness and feeling sluggish but will also impact performance and productivity. Mixing your water intake by eating fresh and juicy fruits is an easy and efficient of beating dehydration and hunger pangs. 


Being hygiene conscious will go a long way to keeping healthy. While it may not be possible to frequently go and wash your hands, it is easy to be hygienic at the office. One can keep a small hand sanitiser on their desk which will aid in dealing with situations such as sneezing or coughing and stay germ-free.

Find a Friend

Find a fitness friend and set health and/or fitness goals with your colleagues. Support each other and celebrate accomplishments. This will not only give you new ideas of how to exercise or even exercise for free but also increase overall morale and productivity at the office. It is also a good way of managing stress.


Staying Healthy at Work 2


Eating Sensibly  

Have a nutritious and satisfying breakfast that will keep you powered through lunch and reduce your sugar or caffeine craving. One can easily whip up a protein rich omelette or wholesome porridge full of fresh fruits. Having a good breakfast will start you off the right way and make you feel productive. Having a healthy lunch that’s protein rich and slow carb release will help you though the afternoon without feeling sluggish. It is also a good idea to avoid eating lunch at your desk and try to go out of the office as this will not only provide a short break but also subconsciously prevent you from overeating.

Managing Stress

Most lewd hectic and stressful lifestyles. Juggling several roles and responsibilities can leave us drained and feeling stressed. We’re not batman just human. However, we can make it easier by understanding how to manage stress and feel better. Spending time away from the office can go a long way to help you unplug from office life. Reading enjoyable books, going to the gym or for walks helps not only relax but also detox your body by sweating out the stress and toxins within us.

Fix your ergonomics

Maintaining a good posture throughout the day requires conscious effort. One can achieve this by adjusting their chair to have their knees align with their hips. Alternatively, solutions such as balance ball, knee seat or standing tables can help re-posture yourself and feel good.

Move your body

Being active goes a long way and it is easy to move around. Parking further away from the office, stopping one stop before using public transport and walking the distance or taking the stairs instead of the lift are all small ideas which can lead you to being more active. Another idea could be to perform ‘deskercises’ such as chin retractions – or making a fake double chin — to support the neck and upper back. Joining a Gym or Crossfit class will also allow one to increase their activity levels in a fun and sociable manner with members constantly encouraging each other. 


*Pro Tips*

Staying Healthy at Work 3

Relax your mind

Joining a class such as Pilates or Yoga – exercising meditating in groups not only leads to increased activity but also allows one to socialise in a new, fun and healthy environment. Yoga will also help you relax, stretch and de-stress in a peaceful and meditative setting. One can take a mat to work, and find a quiet place and take 15-20 minutes to calm your mind.

Get enough Sleep

Having a good sleeping pattern not only makes sure you wake up fresh but also that you would not burn out and crash half way through your day. Aim for sleeping around 8 hours per day and it is important to not oversleep as this can derail your patterns and leave you feeling exhausted. Sleep in a tidy, quiet and dark room with a temperature of around 18 to 24 degrees.

Short, regular breaks

Stand up, go to the cooler and get a glass of freshwater or make a nice cup of tea. Getting away from your desk momentarily, aside from helping you get outside the loop of work will allow you to re-posture yourself relieving you from neck and back pain due to long periods sitting down. In addition, these will not only help increase your productivity but also your wellbeing.

Take advantage of technology

Technology has revolutionised how we work, eat and enjoy our free time. Fitness bands and smart watched have become a common feature on our wrists in recent years. Apart from using them to calculate specific exercise regimes or workouts, one can use them to monitor a wider variety of things. For instance, you can wear one and calculate your daily steps and average heart rates while also allowing you to actively track your health goals.

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