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The Power of e-Meetings

The Power of e-Meetings

The Power of e-Meetings

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Our day to day activities are constantly changing. Businesses, consumers and anyone in between are having to adapt to these changes to stay afloat. Thanks to modern-day technology, we can continue to operate and connect with one another through the use of E-Meetings. Technology will continue to advance and have a greater impact on our businesses as the years go by, which is why it is essential to have your business set-up for online use, allowing you to continually offer your services to the people who need you most, your clients.

What are E-Meetings?

Working on large scale projects is never easy, let alone when the people working on the project are not in the same place sharing ideas and creating objectives together. Enter E-Meetings. Communication online has never been so easily accessible, with applications such as Skype, Discord, Zoom and many more allowing users to join the same ‘room’ altogether, regardless of your location. Talk, see one another, give presentations and share information in one place allowing all members of the electronic meeting to follow and keep up with any project progression.

Impact of COVID-19 in Relation to E-Meetings

Given the current situation, a lot of companies and freelancers are being forced to shift their services online which gives them even more reason to make use of E-Meetings. Some businesses are being forced to work from home, making E-Meetings essential to continue operation off-site.

Make Your Meeting More Effective

There are many ways you can improve the quality of your E-Meeting, making it more effective in the long run, one of which being Video Conferencing. Rather than just having a simple phone call, being able to see the person you are speaking to can greatly help to improve the relationship you build with them. In fact, 94% of U.S. citizens say face-to-face communications improve business relationships and even 6% have fallen asleep during audio-only meetings.

Save Money, Time and Miles with E-Meetings

Apart from the mentioned above, E-Meetings offer a wide range of advantages that can help you save time, money and miles. Since E-Meetings all happen online, no time is lost in getting to the meeting place as well as not having to travel to the meeting, being able to have multiple meetings from the comfort of your own home. There are many free solutions available online, making it easy to reduce costs and save money while maintaining business relations. Some statistics regarding this can be seen on the infographic below.

The Best Day and Time to Setup an E-Meeting

On average, e-meetings last between 26 and 60 minutes. While there are no rules as to when meetings should take place, there are days and times that are preferred and yield a better outcome. Through recent studies, Tuesdays Wednesdays have been found to be the best days for E-Meetings, with Monday and Friday being the worst. Ideally, these meetings occur between 11 AM and 12 PM or 4 PM and 5 PM. Although very popular today, no time, day or place can hide from modern meetings and a few ‘No-Meeting Zones’ are on the rise. During the weekend, meetings have declined by more than a third in the past six months from one in 10 to one in 15 meetings.

Best Free E-Meeting Solutions in 2020

Taking everything into account, a few free E-Meeting solutions tend to stand out. Software applications such as Cisco Webex, Discord, Skype, Zoom, and more have given users and business owners an outlet to make use of without having any fees or hidden payments. These applications, along with others, give us the ability to setup E-Meetings with ease and allow us to continue providing our services to the public, despite any external factors hindering us from communicating and collaborating toward our goals.

Click on the button below to open ‘How to Stand Out in an Online Job Interview’ (7+1 Hot Tips from our Recruiters with Love). Full-length PDF.

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