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Broadwing launches the Muovo HR Talks publication

Broadwing launches Muovo HR Talks publication_1105x350

Every day, the companies that Broadwing serves put the world to work, making an impact on one of the most fundamental aspects of a person’s life – their livelihood. Our Recruitment Consultants help put food on their table, earn a decent living, provide for their families. The staffing industry is about so much more than filling open jobs. It is about fulfilling open-ended dreams.

As part of the renewed Muovo brand, Broadwing is in the process of producing Malta’s first HR & Recruitment publication in collaboration with several highly reputable associations and organisations.

HR Talks is Malta’s first publication solely focused on topics and news relating to Human Resources. HR Talks aims to bring together Malta’s top HR Professionals and give them space to discuss current trends in the HR industry whilst allowing them to express views and opinions.

HR Talks Employer Directory


Through its Employers Directory, HR Talks will showcase leading and emerging business people, managers and professionals as well as Malta-based companies. The portal will offer regular updates on HR and Recruitment matters which are of interest to all HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals, whether generalist or specialist as well as Job Seekers. Acquire needed skills in talent management, recruiting, compensation and benefits, hiring, L&D, employee relations, employee retention, employer branding, HR Strategy, and more.

With content ranging from how to brand your company as the ideal employer to expert tips for answering common interview questions. HR Talks will help you learn how big businesses develop creative strategies to set an entrepreneurial example, stimulate a collaborative environment, exercise transparency, encourage flexible working and create a culture of questioning.

Job Seekers are able to keep up to date with the job market and how it is evolving, in addition to this, a library of resources offers candidates, an unrivalled playground of tools and eLearning content to help them stand out from application stage to the coveted interview.

Apart from being regularly published online, HR Talks will also be a high-end and professional quality designed quarterly magazine publication which will be distributed to selected locations and businesses to ensure the right visibility.

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