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Learn Job-Ready Skills to Start or Advance Your Career in High-Demand Fields with Google Career Certificates

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With the rising increase of job applicants and graduates embarking on their careers without the necessary skill-sets they need for the positions they want, it is becoming ever more apparent that there should be an equal amount of importance placed on skills for job performance and an understanding of the subject learnt. Especially with the events of COVID-19, the adaptability of education has shown that it can implement the study of relevant skills and job performance.

The big Google Announcement

Google recently made a big announcement – the company is launching a selection of professional courses that will teach their students how to perform in a variety of high-demand jobs, and no previous experience is required to sign up for them. Google aims to help kickstart careers and get people back to work.

These courses teach fundamental skills which will help candidates find immediate employment in the industry of their choice, and are designed to be completed in the short time-span of 6 months – a stark contrast to the sacrifice of time and money students must participate in whilst at university. These accredited courses are going to change the future of higher education and job-seeking!

Degrees from first-rate universities and companies

These programs are developed entirely by Google, and are hosted on Coursera, an online-learning platform which helps others build skills, take courses or study for degrees from first-rate universities and companies. The total cost of each certification will vary based on the time taken by the student to complete them. However, they will start at around €40 per month. Google is also providing grants and scholarships.

All courses offer the information and skills needed for optimal job performance in high-demand fields. These jobs are in-demand and high-paying, in competitive fields and industries. Google Career Certificates will give you the resources you need to stand out and get the first step or advancement that you have been waiting for.

But it does not end there: Google are also offering to support their candidates in their job search, after course completion. Once the course has been completed, candidates have the option to allow Google to share their information with top employers hiring for jobs in these fields, directly. They will also have access of resources to help facilitate their job search, as well as interview preparation. These certificates will help make your CV and LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

Introducing New Google Career Certificates

Google Career Certificates focus on the sought-after fields of Information Technology and Design, with annual wages starting at €30,000 and offer courses to learn job-ready skills for these positions:

Data Analyst

Focuses on helping learners to navigate the data lifecycle and use the right tools and platforms to effectively process, envision, and obtain insights from data analysed.

€35,000 to €40,000 – The annual salary range for data analysts

Project Manager 

Focuses on the foundations of projection management and its traditions, as well as offers insights for active project management.

€30,000 to €56,000 – The annual salary range for project managers

UX Designer

Focuses on teaching learners the foundations of UX design and research, testing, creating audio system prototypes, and building low-fidelity designs and wireframes.

€35,000 to €60,000 – The annual salary range for UX designers

IT Support Specialist

A featured course that does not require any degree or prior experience. You have the option to set your own pace and timeline and it is 100% online. This is a course and certificate that aims to launch candidates’ careers in IT.

€30,000 to €40,000 – The annual salary range for IT support specialist

Well-paying jobs in demanding industries

Only IT featured courses are currently available and although it is not yet known when they will be available, they will be available soon.

With Google Career Certificates, Google is taking the next step to help those in need of certification and skills, without the need to sacrifice several years and a significant amount of money for well-paying jobs in demanding industries. This is the next step in moving away from the traditional university systems that many still hold to a high standard today. The future of work and education is changing; Google has taken something from the frustrations of the traditional university and is providing those who need it with an attractive alternative. Unleash your potential and learn more about Google Certificates.

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