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Changes companies are implementing in view of the recruitment process.

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Contributing from a recruitment consultancy perspective we look at insights into what preparations we are making with our clients and give potential jobseekers an idea of what to expect when job hunting and hopefully allay any concerns that may be stopping those from looking to move jobs over the next 3 – 6 months.

We all have been hit by one of the largest pandemics in recent times – COVID-19. As we continue to figure out the immediate and longer-term consequences, both professionally as well as personally, this is the time to experiment, to collaborate, and to share experiences to realise the full potential of building a new digital HR ecosystem.

What changes (if any) are you making to your recruitment process over the coming months?

While the Recruitment Process will certainly not become a full-fledge digitalised operation overnight, technical developments in Human Resources are progressing at a rapid pace and adopt aspects of technology.

One of the most obvious benefits of having an online recruitment system is the ability to reach people beyond Malta’s shores. With an eye on the world after COVID-19, having the right systems in place could be crucial to getting that edge on in recovering and finally growing.

As somebody who has extensive experience in the tech industry and has seen first-hand the efficiencies brought about by investing in technology, migrating to the cloud gives us more time to improve business operations and launching initiatives in a more strategic and agile fashion.

Will you consider those who are willing to relocate if no border restrictions? Has this changed?

We are proud to have received excellent feedback on our portal and services, having been quoted by top companies in Malta as ‘a refreshing change’ in the recruitment market.

We are also very proud of the strong international network that we established this year, allowing us to better service companies in Malta which have a shortage of candidates needed to service an ever-growing economy. Our continued service offerings to companies and candidates alike include training courses and better relocation packages.

For our international clients and candidates, we introduced a relocation scheme, ‘The Safe Landing Programme’. Through this we made it our mission to make the process as smooth as possible, ensuring newcomers are fully settled with a high standard of living in no time at all with as minimal stress as possible.

Our Safe Landing Programme was created to welcome and relocate foreign nationals and their families to Malta. Following a consultation prior to arrival, we offer a personal orientation of the island, an independent housing search, assistance with the contract negotiation, rental procedures and full assistance with the paperwork needed to get a residency ID card.

Will you offer remote working out of country? Or will you only consider those in-country?

We offer our team a state-of-the-art office with ample outdoor terrace space and promote a good work-life balance through not only a gym membership within the building but also flexible and remote working environment.

The hybrid cloud also creates a consistent platform that spans data centres and the cloud, simplifying IT and delivering apps and data to users on virtually any device, anywhere. It gives our recruiters control to deliver capabilities that business demands, and to scale up or down as needed without wasting our onsite technology investments.

This gives employees the freedom to make their own schedule and work at their own pace towards our targets, increasing productivity, engagement, loyalty and overall happiness within the company. All of which set a good foundation for better ideas and a more productive company.

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If video interviewing, is there anything you look out for or could potentially impact your decision that interviewees may be unaware of?

Implementing video interviews helps everyone involved in the hiring process make better decisions about which candidates to move forward with. Since all video interviews are recorded, you can easily share them with hiring managers to obtain their feedback.

All candidates go through a profile analysis, followed by technical tests from the main skills where we analyse the years of experience, projects worked on and recognising and accrediting achievements with educational institutions. Our team of experts alongside AI-based algorithms will automatically compare profiles to the details of the open position.

Here, hiring managers will have access to several profiles with videos of candidates’ presentations and can conduct interviews, thus reducing the time while guaranteeing quality in hiring. Getting hiring managers involved earlier on will help you validate decisions on which candidates should be advanced in the hiring process.

What is the biggest challenge to your recruitment process currently, and how are you working around it?

When you are busy managing disconnected systems, applications, and data with inflexible and slow systems, and taking flak from employees demanding access to the corporate network and to new tools, it’s hard to squeeze in even a few minutes to keep up with new products and evaluate everything you hear.

We know transitioning from a fully offline business to fully online at the current rate of change can be more than a bit overwhelming — For those that fail to invest in technology and digitisation, many will be faced with hard choices.

When you start considering how to take your recruitment business online, it is easy to see why some people think “going online” is too big a challenge. When maintaining cost obligations, it is common to hear of companies that say they simply cannot afford an upgrade right now.

While early online supporters proclaimed the cloud as the “Holy Grail”, no one really advocated fork-lifting your entire enterprise online over the weekend. Most implementations start with a hybrid approach, moving a single application, like email, and growing from there.

Through a phased approach, we have built our digital processes every step of the way, from cloud access and storage, firewall configurations, an optimised recruitment portal, synchronised with a leading CRM & Application Tracking System used by the global recruitment industry, a VPN based intranet – Broadwing’s official HR Portal and Knowledgebase including all training needs, and selling through multiple online sales channels such as our latest Muovo Job Board and Employer Directory.

For those small and medium-sized business owners who are now scrambling to digitalise their operations getting their business online is the first step to adapting to this new environment.

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If you are currently on a recruitment freeze when potentially do you see this lifting or what would need to be in place before you review?

The first thing many companies do in times of uncertainty is to put a hold or freeze on recruitment. However, before you publicly announce a recruitment hiatus, consider the impact it might have on your existing employees.

People are our most valuable resource. To us, this business is all about helping people – helping candidates to find a job they will love, and helping businesses find the right person for the role they need to be filled – we are very passionate about that. We strive to be open, clear and genuine in every interaction we have, and to provide advice that will actually help them to achieve their goals.

Put another way – even in these uncertain times, if one of your competitors’ top performers became available – would you be interested in talking to them? Of course, you would, it would be foolish not to. Now, I am not saying you should never put in place a hiring freeze – that’s a decision for you to make based upon the immediate situation your business faces.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, you will begin hiring again. This being the case, I can’t even see a reason why, or a time when you shouldn’t always be attracting and engaging and being open to meeting and/or interviewing top talent.

We feel we have already managed to do that for many people since we opened Broadwing, and that is what drives us to keep growing the business from here.

Do you envisage more flexibility with working hours/locations?

Online Recruitment offers needed support in the event that you need to close or relocate location for any reason in the future. Having an online channel means you will not depend on your physical location to keep operations running during the transition.

Our organisation is also available for customers anytime. While physical locations operate on fixed hours, online recruitment can work during the day and night. Now the team can focus on the business rather than travel restrictions and have more time to spend improving business operations and launching agile initiatives.

Name: Alan Cini
Position: Managing Director
Company: Broadwing Ltd.
Domain: www.broadwing.jobs

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