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The New Office Accessory – Protect your Employees and Stand Out with Branded Masks


With many companies returning to the office after months of remote working due to COVID-19, it has led to a number of safety protocols being implemented based on government instructions. In addition to mask-wearing in closed public spaces such as shops and malls, one such protocol is mask-wearing in common areas away from an employee’s desk/work station.



Recruitment Consultant, Silvija wearing our branded mask.

Branded Masks

Having branded masks, not only shows your employees you care about their health but is also an indirect marketing/promotional campaign as when employees wear them outside the office they are also displaying your brand. It also gives the good impression that your brand cares about your employees’ wellbeing.


With many companies choosing to provide their employees with ”welcome back to the office” care packages which apart from masks (often reusable and unbranded), include sanitiser bottles and vanity lights for online meetings, amongst others. All this to give a new feel to the traditional onboarding/regular care packages given to new employees and employees in general.

Let people know their health is your brand’s priority

In addition to providing sanitisation bottles, work from home initiatives, and teleworking setups, Muovo decided to show appreciation to its team by designing custom reusable face masks for our team members and affiliates. These customised masks allowed us to have an eye-catching and distinguished look that enables us to go further. They also offer a high level of filtration and comfort being available in 2 sizes – Small to Medium and Medium to Large. Being of superior quality and long lasting, they provided good value for money.

OEKOTEX certified material which increases comfort whilst reducing odour

Using OEKOTEX certified material and Blue Sign Approved, these masks sport material that is able to counteract odour causing bacteria thus preventing infections (a side effect of regular mask wearing). They do this via heat transfer labels featuring antibacterial substances which prevents the growth of bacteria.

Seeing feedback received, employees welcomed these initiatives together with a fresh look to their masks, explaining that wearing them for longer periods, came without the headaches brought about by the regular disposable masks.

With a number of colours available, we chose Black to match a number of different dress codes whilst maintaining professionality

Additionally, these also provided a professional set up when meeting clients and candidates as the colour coding selected was with the intention of matching a number of dress codes and colours.

Create your own Branded Re-Usable masks in 5 to 14 Business Days

01 – Contact us and together we can develop your vision and design

02 – Once the design is approved, masks are off to manufacturing

03 – All your masks are packaged and delivered to your address safely


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