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How to Stand Out in an Online Job Interview


Our recruiters have put together 7 + 1 hot tips on how to stand out in an online job interview.

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Test Your Device and Practice

To start, it would be a good idea to test your laptop or device which you will be using and practice beforehand. This will help you get familiar with the environment and the interview method. It is also beneficial to confirm the platform which your interviewer will use.

Pick the Perfect Spot

When preparing a spot where you will stay during your interview, it is wise to choose a well-lit place where your interviewer can see you clearly. In addition, you can hold test calls with family members or a friend to go over sample points and help you select the right spot for the interview.

Remove Distractions

Try to remove any distractions in the area which may be hindering your focus while having the interview. Make sure to remove any sound notifications on your devices and pay attention that should you have pets or housemates, that they won’t pose any distractions as well.

Be Prepared

Prepare yourself well beforehand. You can do this by doing some research about the company, the position, and collecting any potential questions which you may have about the applied position. It is important to position yourself as though you are in a face to face interview, so being on time and dressing up is a must. It is suggested that you message your interviewer that you are available 10 minutes before the interview starts.

Calm Your Nerves

Remember to keep calm and that the technology you’re using has already been tested so rest assured that it will work. Take a deep breath just before your interview and compose yourself.

Listen Carefully

It is important to listen carefully and take note of what the interviewer is saying. Due to audio relay delays, it is suggested that you wait a few moments before speaking.

Mind Your Body Language

Remember to maintain eye contact with the webcam and not the screen. It is also highly recommended that you pay attention to your body language, sit upright, and smile as well. You should stay engaged with your interviewer.

Follow Up After

After the interview, it is a good idea to write a thank you email and follow up. This will show that you are grateful and considerate for the opportunity. Large companies can have a lengthy recruitment process so remember to keep calm.

Click on the button below to open ‘How to Stand Out in an Online Job Interview’ (7+1 Hot Tips from our Recruiters with Love). Full-length PDF.

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