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Introducing Muovo – Broadwing Launches Malta’s Latest Job Board & Employer Directory

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The job market and the recruitment process look very different now than they did a year ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated economies around the world, leaving many people unemployed. Companies, employees, and freelancers alike have had to adapt to an ever-changing and uncertain situation in order to be prepared for what lies ahead.

In the spirit of adaptation and understanding that recruitment needs have and will continue to change, Broadwing is proud to announce the launch of Muovo, a brand new job board and employer directory geared at boosting employers direct talent acquisition efforts through affordable job postings, as an alternative to its traditional recruitment services.

In the three years since its launch, Broadwing Limited has become one of Malta’s leading companies for HR & Recruitment services. In a move to encompass a full 360 of recruitment, HR and training services; Broadwing has launched Muovo a user-friendly and feature-rich job board and employer directory offering companies assistance with their hiring needs at unbeatable rates.

“Muovo’s backend features are designed to make the hiring process as streamlined and efficient as possible”Ben Pace Lehner, Director and CTO of Muovo.

What Muovo has to offer

For large organisations with established internal recruitment and HR departments, Muovo serves as an advertising platform to promote employer branding and streamline the shortlisting process. For small-to-medium-sized entities, Muovo’s professional marketing team offers the opportunity for extensive marketing campaigns that will actively promote your employer profile through posting and curated listings on various social media pages and groups.

Muovo’s state-of-the-art backend platform offers a job listing solution that is jam-packed with features to ensure that your hiring process is a smooth and effective one. Through the easy-to-use employer dashboard, one can effectively manage and monitor job posting activity – making sure that you do not miss out on talent. Muovo’s employer directory is an opportunity for companies to build their employer profiles and showcase their brand and company culture.

But Muovo is more than just a job board, it is a space for inspiration, discussion, and analysis through HR Talks. HR Talks is Malta’s first publication solely focused on topics and news relating to Human Resources. Here, Malta’s top HR professionals and trendsetters are given a space to discuss and showcase the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer.

Muovo is more than just a job board and employer directory” – Alan Cini, Director and CMO of Muovo.

Through HR Talks, readers are given access to the latest industry developments, trends, views and opinions. Companies looking to showcase their experiences and successes in the world of human resources and recruitment also have the possibility of commissioning sponsored articles via the HR Talks platform.

Muovo - Malta's Latest Job Board and Employer Directory

Malta’s HR and Recruitment Leaders

As the world continues to venture further into the unknown, Broadwing continues to recognise the need to offer services that are understanding of the overwhelming situation many employers and job-seekers find themselves in. This is why Muovo has been launched as a more affordable and feature-rich recruitment service as a potential alternative to the bespoke solutions offered by Broadwing. With Muovo, you can expect more features at the most competitive rates across the Island.

From Broadwing’s expert-driven job placement services to Muovo’s feature-packed job listing platform as well as the industry-leading content showcased on HR Talks; Broadwing continues to strive to offer a 360-degree experience when it comes to human resources and recruitment. And it doesn’t stop there!

“We are continuously inspired by the people and the companies we work with. We always have our eyes peeled and ears to the ground for any opportunities to strengthen Malta’s recruitment sector’s position as a beacon of quality and professionalism across Europe. There’s still so much more yet to come.”  Alan Cini, Director and CMO of Muovo.

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