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Full Stack Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Malta
  • €40000 - €70000
  • Blockchain, Engineering, IT Software
  • Apply By: June 21, 2022

JOB ID: 33740

Required Skills
Communication Cryptography Java Node.js Pegged Side Chains Plasma Solidity Teamwork
Job Description

Job Description

Company Introduction

Our client is specialised in the financial derivatives market and trading.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Developing and implementing items like accelerators and assets, assisting with an organisation's infrastructure setups utilising technologies like Ethereum, and ensuring applications are secure;
  • Translate the architecture and design into actually working code;
  • Responsible for determining application release dates and monitoring the implementation to ensure projects are completed on time;
  • Be involved with the regulatory requirements.


  • At least 3 years' experience in a similar role;
  • Node.js, TypeScript and Solidity experience is a must;
  • Proficient in blockchain technical concepts, cryptography, architecting secure and distributed systems.

Personal Skill

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English;
  • Understanding of Layer 2 blockchain concepts, at least one of: State Channel, Payments Channel, Pegged Side Chains or Plasma. Ability to implement these concepts or willingness to quickly learn how;
  • Self-starter, not afraid to work as a part of bigger team and also alone on some tasks;
  • Happy to be part of the remotely working team of engineers and product development people;
  • Hungry for learning more, being exceptional blockchain technical expert, go-to person;
  • Able to comfortably use English language for communication of technical concepts, both verbally and on writing;
  • Paying attention to details, high level of coding standards, focused on producing quality code;
  • Doubtful, you always ask “why” before you start to think “how”;
  • Ability and willingness to see your work in the wider product context.